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For any person, natural or legal, which is / are listed to this website by paying specified subscription charges through magazinesubscriptions.in, the portal is a medium. The subscription would be forwarded to such publishers after deduction portal’s apportionment and it would be the magazine publisher’s responsibility to send / dispatch the subscribed magazine regularly to such subscriber’s through out the paid subscription period. In case of non receipt of any issue(s) of magazine(s), subscriber may inform to magazinesubscriptions.in & this site will try its best to arrange / manage to send / resend that magazine(s) to its subscribers. However, this site takes no responsibility for irregular issue of any magazine(s) or stoppage / discontinued of the publications of any magazine by its publishers. However, the subscribers would be free to proceed as per law against such publishers.  

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Refunds & Cancellation Policy for Magazine Subscriptions

You may cancel your subscription at any time within 14 days of the date of purchase (“Cancellation Period”). To do so, simply send an email to [email protected] magazinesubscriptions.in

magazinesubscriptions.in cannot supply you with your print magazine during the Cancellation Period unless you consent to magazinesubscriptions.in doing so. Your subscription is for the minimum term specified and will expire at the end of the current term. Payment is non-refundable after the cancellation Period unless exceptional circumstances apply (e.g. bereavement).  If you have received an issue prior to cancellation, magazinesubscriptions.in may charge you for such issue. This does not affect your rights under the Direct Debit Guarantee (if applicable). Furthermore, please note we cannot accept cancellations for any digital items once downloading has commenced.


Delivery and Shipping policy with logistic partner name and TAT (Turn Around Time)

Our delivery timelines are 7-10 working days for Indian places as well as for international orders from the date of posting. For international orders, the duration may vary slightly depending on location & custom clearances. We / publishers post all the magazines through India Post. For customers opting for courier deliveries, upon paying the delivery charges, we / publishers use different courier services and having negotiated a standard rate with DTDC, first flight. Trackon & Professional, FedEx & DHL Courier Services.

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